Europeans travel to Iran for medical and cosmetic services

Travel from Europe to Iran for cheap cosmetic surgery services and health tourism

Travel from Europe to Iran for cheap cosmetic surgery services and health tourism / Iran is the best choice for cosmetic surgery services for Europeans.


Tourism has different goals and forms, one of these goals is to travel to another country for surgery and receive medical services.

These trips are carried out for two reasons: receiving health services, receiving cosmetic surgery services

trips for treatment are done for a variety of reasons:

1- Lack of facilities in the country of origin and travel to another country to receive advanced medical services (such services include advanced surgeries and treatment of cancer and rare diseases)

2- Low cost of similar treatment in another country

Receiving cosmetic surgery services: Considering that these services are not covered by insurance and are freely calculated, it has very high costs. The costs of some surgeries in Europe and the United States are sometimes higher than $40,000. But similar services can be received by Europeans and Americans at the lowest possible cost in Iran.


Europeans travel to Iran:

In recent years, due to Iran's progress in the field of health services and beauty, many trips from Europe are being made to receive beauty services and ecotourism.

Costs that are very low for Europeans and can receive specialized cosmetic surgery services with one-fifth to one-tenth of Europe's costs.

The difference and distance between the value of the currency between Iran and Europe and the United States and the cheapness of services in recent years has brought many citizens of countries such as the Netherlands, Ireland, Germany, Georgia, the United States, Canada, Australia, etc. to Iran. Exceptional circumstances with the total price of round-trip tickets and tourism in Iran and open cosmetic surgery costs are much lower than in these countries (about one-second to one-seventh)

Angels Tourism is ready to welcome all tourists by keeping pace with the quality of services in Europe and the United States, as well as providing online support and providing free services such as digital medical records to health tourists.

Also, holding special offers is one of our programs that you can benefit from. Our festivals are held periodically monthly for a surgery that you can find out about by visiting the site and social networks